My background

Originally from Armenia, I spent half of my life in Poland. I moved to London over 7 years ago, and I consider myself as a cosmopolitan – a citizen of the world. Coming from a diverse background gives me a broader perspective and awareness of cultural origins and their profound influence on us.

I’m curious to explore how western individualistic and eastern collectivistic viewpoints shape our relationships and our concept of connection versus loneliness.

I was born with an acute interest in philosophy, existentialism, human condition, our emotions and motivations. I’m a meaning maker, a dedicated student of life and a constant seeker of truths. I started early on my journey of self-discovery and establishing my self-identity by devoting my 20s to personal psychotherapy, group therapy, mentoring and coaching. Through movement and yoga, I am exploring presence within my body and feeling more grounded. In the last few years dancing became my passion as a way of expressing my emotions, releasing energy and having fun. All these contributed greatly to my transformation, healing my own traumas and becoming more aligned with my values.