Until you make the unconsciousconscious,
it will direct your life and you will call it fate

C.G. Jung


I will empower you to reinvent and transform your life.

Whether you’re seeking a guide to help you reinvigorate your life or you’re healing from grief and loss, I can help you find your way.

I’m a qualified trauma-informed counsellor and psychotherapist.

In therapy, we will explore together how to develop a friendlier approach towards yourself.

I am very engaged in the therapy process and attentive to your needs. I will make an effort to comprehend the essence of who you are and the unique makeup of your personality. You will receive from me unconditional acceptance, empathy and authenticity between us. This process might be healing itself as you might have never spoken to someone who witnessed your suffering, honoured your vulnerability and appreciated your strengths to survive until now. The therapeutic relationship can help you to regain trust in yourself and other people.

I don't see psychotherapy as a separate discipline, I rather embrace its interrelational nature that incorporates our cultures, socio-economic circumstances, linguistics, sociology, history and philosophy.

My holistic approach aims to incorporate four types of embodied wisdom represented by head, heart, gut and hips. In other words, I will support you to find the integrity and alignment within your:


intellectual part


emotional part


gut instinct,
higher wisdom

action taking

practical part

Projekt bez nazwy

I have a particular passion in the following areas

  • childhood trauma, complex trauma and PTSD - supporting individuals who have experienced developmental, emotional, psychological, sexual, physical and transgenerational trauma, abuse or neglect
  • Supporting individuals who have a trait of sensory processing sensitivity and might identify themselves as HSP - Highly Sensitive Person (dr. Elaine Aron). You can access the test here: https://hsperson.com/test/highly-sensitive-test/

I also work with various other issues:

My approach

My style of working is relational, humanistic and integrative. I trained in humanistic approach with Person-Centred, Gestalt and Transactional Analysis models. I hold BSc (Hons) in Humanistic Counselling from Metanoia Institute validated by Middlesex University and a Certificate of Higher Education in Psychology with the Open University. The humanistic philosophy means that I approach you firstly as a human, then as a therapist. I believe that people are born with a capacity to move towards self-actualisation as long as the basic needs and the right conditions are in place. In my multimodal approach of therapy I strive to work with the embodied process and somatic experience, drawing on the attachment theory and recent findings from neuroscience. I bring my whole self into the session, honouring my clinical intuition and sensitivity tailored for your healing and growth. I also use psychoeducation to explain and normalise your responses and assist you to develop personal mastery.


In the past years I have been volunteering and working at mental health charities and hospitals coordinating a Peer Mentoring Project by supporting vulnerable people from oppressed groups. I used to co-facilitate the Hearing Voice group at Mind.

I worked for charity One in Four in London supporting adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and violence. Currenty, I am involved with New Pathways charity offering counselling for people who experienced any form of sexual violence or trauma. I also work for Spill start-up delivering one-off and short-term therapy for employees all over the world.

I am a qualified and registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and I abide by their Principles and Ethics. Under BACP guidelines I attend clinical supervision and regular Continuing Professional Development trainings.

I offer both short-term and long-term open-ended therapy for adults. I also offer single-session therapy.

I am trilingual and offer therapy in English, Polish and Armenian.

I look forward to working with you.